Monday, February 16, 2009

Wait, what happened to Christmas?

A few shots & info from some Christmas presents......long overdue!!

For my "nearly nephew" a pair of snug, soft and hopefully warm.....fingerless handwarmers in charcoal Cash Vero DK.

My "actual" nephew loves handknit socks and hopefully will get some wear from this pair of Twin Rib socks knit in Elann's Sock It To Me before he outgrows them!!

And for my brother's "nearly" fiance? (hey the guy's gotta propose properly before it's official, right?).....Autumn In NY take two can be seen below. I'm hoping I can talk her into some modeled shots for some better pictures.

My niece taking dance lessons this year gets a nice soft & warm pair of pink legwarmers in some wonderful Colourmart Merino.

A bonus shot of the Forest Canopy in a lovely Hydrangea (Handpainted yarn) that went to my "nearly niece":

There are a few more........I'm hoping for a modeled shot of Miralda which my grandmother loves thoroughly. Autumn in New York #1 has a new home as well but I need more pictures. The Heartland Shawl that did a marvelous job of keeping me busy knitting instead of spending a bundle at the Estes Park Wool Market this past year is much loved by it's new owner (my sister).

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Autumn In New York - Take Two

At long last - a brief post for this one just to put up the pictures of the matching AINY. The "Take One" post below (Nov. '08) has the relevant info on pattern, etc.

This one is done in Yarn Treehouse Melody, colorway Y06

Another wonderful pattern compliments of Bad Cat Designs - thanks, Ms. Bad Cat!!