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What is a ColourWave?
Yarn that starts with one semi-solid color and with subtle changes transitions to new shades or colors as you work it up.  Often the transition is so subtle you won't even realize you've changed colors as you go!  As a result you will also see few (if any) stripe effects from the changes in your work.  Once in awhile you can tell where a color change occurs but most of the time you can't.  Unless specified (a sock set for example), ColourWaves do not repeat colors.  Fantastic for showing off your work in lace without hiding the pattern in the color.  The semi-solid effect aids in the color transitions and creates wonderful depth in the colors used.  Often dyed as either a single skein or may be dyed as a continuous set of skeins for larger projects.  The process take's quite a bit or work, plenty of math and chemistry in order to get these results!

Why is a ColourWave special?
Each ColourWave is dyed individually so no two will ever be precisely identical. They are unique for their subtlety and availability primarily in lace to fingering weight yarn.  A lot of work goes into each and every skein.  Inspiration is everywhere and together with special requests provide an ever growing number of choices of ColourWaves available.  Fabulous for many projects and I hope you'll be inspired to try some for one or more of yours!  A color transition keeps the pattern visible as you work, allowing you to highlight the pattern, the yarn or both however you prefer.  Because of the subtlety required for the changes, the "single skein" technique (depending on your order) and so on, ColourWaves are unique even in the very unique and wonderful world of color transitioning yarns.

How did ColourWave yarn get created? 
It's a part of my mental makeup to solve problems when I can.  ColourWaves were invented to solve a combination of things I like and problems with "I want this effect but how can I get it?
Some of what I had in mind when I went through the creative process:
I love color.....but I don't love stripes.  I love gradual, subtle, color changes in a lovely project....but I don't love figuring out when & where to make them when I want to knit, weave, crochet, etc.  I do NOT love having to weave in many extra ends of yarn if I can avoid it.  I love the colors of hand painted yarn but don't always want to plan my patterns to showcase the yarn instead of the knitting, weaving, etc. On top of all that, I love the depth and richness a semi-solid adds to a pattern.  Various sources of inspiration have contributed to the creation of what I call a ColourWave yarn.  Some have included other yarns/hand dyer's work and I'm grateful for them.  Some have included the effects achieved from weaving.  Plus the fabulous effect you can produce dying a project AFTER it's knit. 

How do you make it a ColourWave?
There are several steps involved in creating each lovely hand-dyed skein.  In addition to the multiple steps to prepare each skein for the colors and transition, there is a great deal of math and chemistry involved to ensure the smooth transition and some level of repeatability.  That's all before I even apply any dye, let alone finish the entire process!  The dye processing is fairly normal - except I often use a combination of techniques, rather than just one.  Once the yarn is dyed, I reskein it in a process specifically designed to show the color transition easily and without winding it into a center pull ball, which is not always desirable.

What kind of projects can you use a ColourWave for? 
Perhaps not for all projects - since this is not a color repeating yarn (unless specified or by special order).....but weaving? You bet - let your imagination run wild and combine a ColourWave weft with a coordinating solid warp and see how the hand-dyed effect really pops.  Some yarns ColourWaves are done in are best suited to weft only.  Some would work wonderfully as either warp or weft.  Do you knit or crochet lace?  ColourWaves are extremely well suited to projects that are knit from one point outward such as a neck down triangle shawl or a center-out circular one.  If you need a knitted on edge, I recommend a custom order where we can work together to estimate yardage to ensure you have a uniform color for the edge (assuming that's what you want!).

What are some specific projects for ColourWaves?
***will add a separate section for this since it varies by yarn base and recommendations***

What ColourWaves are available?
See my store ( for the latest updates.  A handful of currently available options include:
Your Majesty
Your Highness
Blue Bird
Village Green
Blueberry Wine
Spring Green
Tropical Twist
Blooming Lilacs

What yarns can you make a ColourWave in?
I carry a range of bases either on hand or fairly easily available, primarily in fingering to lace to very fine lace weights.  I can, however, special order others so the range is really dependent on what you want and how soon you have to have it.  There's a limit to how short the yardage should be.  In general for very fine lace I have skeins as small as 25 grams but they might still have 300+ yards.

How do I place a custom order?
Just let me know, I'll be happy to help!  I will be adding some helping hints and information to help make it easier very soon!

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