Monday, March 30, 2009


March 7th, I cast on some more. March 14th, yet another.....could it be? March 21st.....ANOTHER one?

Ok, so this month I have major knitting ADD? Startitis? Whatever, I'm having a very good time so pick on me all you like, I'm just going to enjoy all my very happy projects.....

The weekend of the 21st I finally settled on a yarn choice in a much different colorway for Bad Cat Designs Tallin Sunset. This baby has been callin' my name since she published the post on January 18th. It took some time to get the pattern but Joan of The Local Needle was most helpful in ordering some copies and emailing as soon as they arrived. (Thanks, Joan!!) Not that I had a shortage of things to work on first! I've finished a few things since then ;-). But I had decision issues with color. Some other issues with yarn size substitutions (although less for that). The recommended yarn wasn't readily available in this new colorway for one thing and my stash is hardly um....lacking. Abundant would be a more appropriate term, in fact. I also didn't want to make an exact copy. So I finally went a much different direction. I'm calling this my "Misty Moonlit Midnight" based on the lovely colors of "Stonybrook" lace yarn available from the much appreciated Deb of Fearless Fibers.

Color shot:

Detail view:

I'm actually a good bit further along on this now. Hey, that Bad Cat writes addictive patterns! The yarn is a pleasure to work with. I'm having loads of fun!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Startitis - Part Two

So you'd think that starting three new projects would be enough. Maybe. But March 14th was a Saturday. It was, in math terms, "Pi Day." Many of you will also be familiar with Elizabeth Zimmerman's application of "pi" in the creation of the "pi shawl" concept. There has been a specific "pi" shawl on my list to make for a year. It had to be done ;-). The Orkney Pi shawl by Elizabeth Lovick can be found at her Etsy store "Northern Lace." This began as a knit along in sections on the Yahoo EZasPi group. With a start date of February 29, 2008. Even having missed knitting with the group, how could I resist? The yarn is a 2/28 wool/cashmere blend from Colourmart in a lovely heathered light blue. And a good thing I love it because this will not be a short time on my needles.......

So I cast on and it, too, is in the works...... Section one shown above and Section two below.

Could there be more........?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Startitis Part One

Well I finished up all sorts of Christmas knitting and only some of it was late. I've been busy at work and with plenty of other things. I finished some non-Christmas knitting. I even finished some non-knitting, hehehe. Since I also have had quite a few projects calling me.....well.....finish some, start some, right? I shall have more to post soon about those "finished" objects but in the mean time this month I've had a major case of "startitis." So on the weekend of the 7th, having just finished another large project and a few other goals at home.....

I started not one, not two but THREE new projects:

American Beauty - another lovely design from Bad Cat Designs that she is doing in incremental posts on her blog. This was a Valentine's start and I'm a bit behind but that's ok. I seem to be having the darndest time getting a decent picture of it! My preferred needle length isn't long enough to get a good "spread" and the yarn blooms a bit in the washing process so at the moment it looks a bit scraggly. Fabulous yarn, though. For the moment here is a shot that sort of shows a bit. I'm well past this point now but this is only a hint of coming attractions anyway.

I've dubbed the next the Irish Sea of Tranquility. So named for the soothing nature of the oh-so repetitive center combined with the Irish Lass colorway of Yarn Place's "Graceful" with the long color repeats. I've been wanting ever so much to see this colorway knit up and for some reason not one entry for this yarn seems to be in this colorway with any pictures/progress. Go figure. So I'm finally getting to see some of these colors although I am quite sure there are more to come yet.

and a color update from 3-22:

....and then there was another Summer Sampler in the Summer Dusk colorway of "Graceful" even though it's true, I have not yet figured out the repairs needed for Steph's Summer Sampler. All in good time; she's not feeling neglected (to say the least!!).

Pattern One:

Pattern Two:

Pattern three:
Color shot:

Believe it or not, I actually have even done a little bit on other projects I already had going as well! For those of you who noted "Part One" in the subject title well.......yes, there just might be a sequel here ;-).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009, how quickly it goes......

Well there were a few more Christmas things but it seems so silly to post them now that we are into March already! We shall see - there are a couple that have "follow ups" so I might add some tidbits even after today.

In the mean time.....well I have a few warm things to share just because. I made these for a friend. It was kind of selfish though. I made them for a variety of reasons and some were for ME so I'm not sure how much it actually counts as being nice. Even so, I do really hope he'll enjoy them and get some use from them.

There's not a lot to be said. They are hats and neckwarmers. Warm. Cozy. Soft. No particular patterns involved here, just what I cobbled together for each. The "fancy" is only in the materials, chosen for ease of care and color as much as anything. Cashmere is more washable than you might think ;-). Even the pictures are perhaps a bit fuzzy and not so great. I didn't have a model handy but hopefully you'll enjoy them all the same.

DK Cashwool in Galactica from Colourmart (of course!). I'm grateful to say it not only didn't felt when time pressures required a spin in the dryer to help it dry sooner, it actually got a teensy bit softer. It was pretty darn soft already,'s called "cashwool" for good reason. The neckwarmer at the top of the post is a match.

DK Cash Vero in Charcoal......from the wonderful LYS (Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins). These, too, survived a wee bit of tumble dry on low with nary a hint of trouble.

Cashmere in fingering weight and while very basic, I hope somewhat wind-proof considering.....
Colourmart again (surprised?). This one is actually a super nice fingering weight marl held with a very lightweight and stretchy blend of cashmere & a touch of lycra to help it hold it's shape (hopefully) for years to come. This was deliberately washed in the washer. Really. Dried in the dryer. On purpose. More than once even so it would shrink as much as it was going to and fluff up nicely (aka - bloom). Very soft. And since it's knit with umpteen stitches on size 2mm needles, I hope it's as wind-proof and cozy as I could make it without being entirely TOO warm.

Spring time's coming..........anyone else hearing the call from the garden? :-)