Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching up or not?

So I was catching up a teensy bit on my blog reading yesterday, in particular on the Yarn Harlot's doings and found a distraction in the form of her recent "Pretty Thing" pattern. Thinking it would make a fun, soft, quick project I succumbed to temptation. Does it even count? It's just a lil' bit of a thing, right?

Yes, I could've created my own pattern. Heck I have very nice cowl patterns already waiting to be knit. Don't ask me why. Why was not a factor - and besides, it's done :-)

You see, it really was a quick knit. Used some (15 grams/155 yards) of my yummy 3/28 cashmere from Colourmart. The color is Delph Blue and the in-progress pic at the top is more accurate.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just popping in......

.......with a little view of today's world.

Please note that yesterday it was indeed in the 60's or so with rain changing to snow in the evening and snowing more than expected. What can I say, it's Colorado? :-).

......anyone want to make a snowman? Then perhaps knit something cozy after......

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fleegle's fault!

It IS. If she didn't have such lovely yarn I wouldn't buy more right? (yes, she ranks right up there with ColourMart and will custom dye! - but no worries, Richard, she doesn't carry the same yarns you do ;-) )

And if she didn't post about yummy patterns I wouldn't know about them and HAVE to add them to my collection of things that must be made! (No Two Snowflakes is quick to deliver, too)

.....tempt me with visions of lovely batts from Corghi Hill just too many times to resist .....

Yup, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Fleegle, the Great Enabler.......who is even NOW charting designs to map out an absolutely gorgeous (monster size) Shetland Shawl that currently is being voted to be name THE Susan for a KAL on Heirloom Knitting (Ravelry). There are so many stitches that a super fine yarn (52/2 or smaller) on teensy tiny needles are going to be quite necessary to do the full design. Like two skeins of Phoenix. Perhaps size 00 (1.75mm) or smaller........

You see?

("Small type" Disclaimer - I must add that naturally I'm just kidding.......there aren't too many bigger fans of personal responsibility/accountability than I ;-) )

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life Happens......

Life happens and that's a fact. For those who have wondered where I "disappeared to" well, I appreciate your thoughts and concern. I'm still around but I've had my hands full. In the last few weeks I've had all the usual stuff (and some fun extras....really, truly) and some not-so-fun extras including:

- Fraud on my bank account
- Harddrive meltdown
- The heartbreaking saga and surrender of my Alaskan Malamute
- Hospice care for an Uncle
- Broken hip for my grandfather
- Funeral for said uncle
- Nursing care / therapy for grandfather

and of course all the associated calls, visits, time, and family. I must say I have been blessed with some really AWESOME family, friends and co-workers. Such a wonderful bonus to offset some of that not-fun life stuff. The family upheaval did bring visits from afar including that of my mother all the way from Thailand. She will be staying with me weekends until early December since she is here to teach, not just visit us all. My brother from Florida was also able to come for a week and we had some great laughs all together. Silver linings, ya know?

Some other fun:

- Family visits and laughs
- Great, supportive friends
- Marvelous designs from BadCat to play with including the Summer Squares projects and other new patterns (details on her blog -> link over to the right ->)
- Knitting therapy
- Weaving (yup, you'll see.....)
- Spinning (spindles, wheel......loads of therapy AND fun but to share another day)
- New wood to play with (Red Cedar - awesome stuff!)

....and ever so much more..........don't let the list at the top fool you, I have a great deal to be grateful for and I don't forget that, especially when "life" happens ;-)

Moving along on that same sort of "life" path, one of my cousins is expecting twins and while I haven't finished everything I have planned for her I actually have not been idle with my knitting needles and even weaving. (The spinning is for other things but has been great therapy as well!)

Today I bring you a couple of cute little baby hats, one shown above and the other here:

Sorry about the lack of focus - perhaps it's symbolic? Nah, just a needs a better photographer, hehehe.

You can safely assume that the twins in this case are expected to be a boy & girl, not identical.

I've not managed all the booties yet but a pair in lovely cashmere - a fingering weight marl (naturally from Colourmart!). One is of course washed and the other shown not so you can see the amazing transformation that takes place.....

I have soooooo much more to share - take note of the growing list of finished objects and status changes in the sidebars. Those don't even include nearly everything in the works.

There's more great fun ahead; I hope you'll join me :-).