Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yup - more of the Summer Sampler!

Some better shots this round I think :-). I have actually managed a few other things this week. I've even done some other knitting but have no pictures of that just yet. I still have plenty of other things I plan to start but as it happens I'm getting some hints & whiffs of "finish-itis" as well to balance some of that startitis I had last month. I'm not rushing anything in particular but there are a few things.......

In the mean time, here are some much improved pictures. I hope you'll enjoy them. You'll note the re-dos for Patterns 8&9 but Pattern 10 is an update. Pattern 11 can even be previewed here but wasn't quite done at picture time. Clearly it will be soon ;-).

Pattern 8 reshot:

Pattern 9 reshot:

Pattern 10:

Pattern 10 detail:

Colors and more colors.......wonder which one is next?

Stay tuned for more updates - finished objects no less!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Growth of the "Dusk" Summer Sampler

Mostly just pictures - I shall have to try for some better one's to replace these with soon, however. I don't think these are quite up to par. None the less, they are what we have today ;-).

Pattern 8:

Pattern 8 detail:
Pattern 9:

Pattern 9 detail:

Playing with Kool-Aid

An excellent use for Kool-Aid & food colors, don't you think?

A bit of silk loveliness which I started playing with last weekend and managed to get just the hints of green with semi-solid blue I wanted. This is actually roughly 1600 yards so it will make a very nice shawl (all in good time!). I'm calling it Tropical Ocean.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Check out the colors on this baby!

This one is progressing a bit more rapidly some of the time. It's hard to put it down! The color changes are VERY subtle while they occur and it's all kinds of fun to see the progression on top of a great pattern.

Lots of picture updates for this one!

Pattern 4:

Pattern 4 detail:

Pattern 5:

Pattern 5 detail:

Pattern 6:

Pattern 6 detail:

Pattern 7:

Pattern 7 Detail:

Tallin progresses - slowly

.....well, I can't do everything fast :-). I am enjoying this one when I do work on it though and already would highly recommend it to anyone. I do love these Bad Cat Designs patterns!

I'm just about a quarter of the way done with the center portion of this one.

It's quite squishy and fun, too!

March wrap up

Ok, I know, it's NOT March anymore! But wait, there was - yes really! - one more project begun in March; March 28th to be precise....just one though.

This is the Corset Top from Annie Modesitt in a lovely pale lilac Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep Co. It is well on the way although I haven't worked on it too much. I did modify the pattern for in the round plus center pattern instead of buttons. See below for the detail view. We shall see how well this works out.....

Coming up? Updates because I really HAVE been working on all kinds of things from household to knitting.........