Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Special Bulletin

The first published and available for purchase pattern in Lara's Creations ColourWave yarn is now available!

Thanks to the wonderful design talents of Bad Cat Designs, you may now purchase the Wisteria Cowl pattern from Ravelry:

Check it out!!

The yarn to purchase it may be custom ordered in any of the ColourWaves shown in my store or in a semi-solid.  (See the links to the right).  New colors are coming or tell me what you like and we can come up with something new together!

A note about the yarn - The Bad Cat used "Basic" which is a lovely 100% Merino lace weight.  I have two additional yarns of the same weight right now - Squish! is a 100% Superwash Merino and Starlight is a sparkly blend of Superwash Merino (75%), Silk (20%) and Stellina sparkles (5%). If you have questions about substituting yarns, please ask.

Happy Knitting!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A new beginning

In the years since I last posted - yes, shockingly it's somehow been literally two years - so many things have happened I sometimes thought of simply deleting this blog.  Clearly I wasn't updating it.  Clearly I wasn't going to......and yet......

So many things to share but perhaps the time has come back around now and the things to share have new meaning in the context of new beginnings.

A new beginning for my blog coincides with the very recent opening of my Etsy store (more on that later).  That's certainly a beginning.  Then there's the move my mother made back to Colorado - not my new beginning you say?  Well that's true in one way but since she moved (temporarily) into my house you might rethink that one ;-).

There are several others as well.......including the fact that after 20 years in one capacity or another, I shall be changing jobs soon - or perhaps moving from my "job" to my store (quick, go buy something to help with that, will ya? lol).  It's complicated.

Of all the new beginnings in the last few months, oddly enough the fewest are new knitting projects.  Don't get me wrong, the siren call is there - but go look at my store and remember that I'm still working full time for someone else as well - perhaps it will make more sense!  In spite of that I've still knit a great deal in the last two years......one of the most notable is my Back to the Garden shawl designed (of course) by Bad Cat Designs and knit in a yarn that I converted from a Colourmart beauty into a ColourWave beauty.  The original yarn was stunning and fabulous to work with.  I'm delighted I had the chance to use it and it's no hardship to me to know I have enough leftover already dyed that I can knit it into a scarf ;-).

I'll add more specifics later - such as the Ravelry link and so on like I used to.  

For now......I'm relearning the updates to the blog programs.  It's time for me to get back to regular updates for my blog.......time to learn to use Facebook more, both for my own contacts and for my new business page (https://www.facebook.com/LarasCreationsOfColorado - please join/share for shop news).  Who knows?  Perhaps tomorrow's new beginning will be Twitter!

For the shop itself, I've gone with Etsy for the moment.  Feedback, especially including your experience is quite welcome.  Check it out:

In the mean time........shall we start something new?  hehehe