Saturday, March 6, 2010

Once Upon a Time.....

.......there was a lady named Lara. She was a crafter of great variety but also a mother, daughter, granddaughter, friend, an employee and many other things. Sometimes she shared her projects and perhaps a few stories on a blog. However, other times life kept her a very busy lady and if you only followed the blog, she appeared to have poofed into some mysterious disappearance and who knew if she would ever return?

In short - yes, I'm still around and have been living life with all it's ups and a few downs to go with it. Thankfully, I also have those crafts to enjoy and they have not been as neglected as the blog! Christmas and New Year's came & went since my last post. Valentine's Day was enjoyed by many. On Ravelry - where I have been slightly more visible these last weeks - the Ravelympics began and ended. As a team captain and a team member I also spent quite a bit of time on Ravelympics as a matter of fact and while I did not manage to complete everything I signed up for in the mad insanity of enthusiasm and hope when planning for events (ok, work also played a disruptive part) I DID cross the finish line with two projects (more coming soon), did considerable spinning on a third and even managed to complete more than half of a shawl I plan to wear to my son's wedding late June. Soooo many things to share but we must start somewhere, right?

Therefore - to begin - I give you a glimpse of first of Seed Pod Socks, started and completed since my last, long ago post - finished, in fact, even before the end of December!

Pattern: Seed Pod Socks - Bad Cat Designs
Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet, 2 skeins
Needles: US1 / 2.25MM

These were fun to knit and I will no doubt knit them again......and in spite of only one in the picture, the pair really is finished and has been worn!

Next - finished December 30th - you might recall the lovely Misty Moonlit Midnight (Tallin Sunset) shawl I began some time ago. As a related side note, I do hope my resident photographer is able to assist with some modeled pictures of several projects - including these - sometime very soon.

Pattern: Tallin Sunset, by Bad Cat Designs
Yarn: Handdyed Merino Lace (Stonybrook) by Fearless Fibers, used ~1,115 yards
Needles: US4 / 3.5mm
Beads: Megatamas, 3mm crystal AB beads from Earthfaire

As with all Bad Cat Designs, I feel you can't go wrong knitting this! The pattern was great fun and the yarn was lovely to work with.

I will be back - perhaps even later today - with more on Ravelympics .......