Monday, November 24, 2008

Autumn In New York - Take One

Well Ms. Bad Cat (Bad Cat Designs) has done it again! She's shared another lovely pattern with us - a quick knit this go 'round. I actually was keeping up plus knitting Miralda, finishing socks (Twin Rib), starting more socks (Gentlemen's) and unventing/starting leg warmers while clues were coming.......and I was/am making TWO of these at once! However, work, life and some actual household chores caught up with me a bit the last couple weeks. Which is not to say I'm late. The finishing instructions only came out yesterday! I have finished the first one and will finish the second shortly.

For today.....a pre-blocking photo (below) and one while blocking (above) - I'll add a modeled view later. Check out the colors, eh? Pretty cool and these are nothing like seeing it live! I went with needles on the larger end of the scale for this and it's big and cozy.

Project Name: Adiago Autumn in New York
Yarn used: Adiago #3622
Amount used: 3.51 balls (~765 yards)
Yarn source: Yarn Place
Total weight: 176 grams
Needles: US 7 (4.5mm)
Finishing method: Hot water/shampoo soak, rinsed x2 and final rinse with hair conditioner and a few drops eucalyptus oil
Finished dimensions: 77" top x 57" sides x 45" center
Pattern name/source: Autumn in New York by Bad Cat Designs


This is another quickie I slipped in. Will need to add some pics with my cute lil' model after it's dry....

It's oh sooooooo soft :-). Oddly, I kept thinking of someone I've never even met as a candidate for this one if it didn't turn out as large as I'd hoped for myself. Normally when I have someone so much in mind for a project it's meant to be theirs but I'm not sure how that would work for this one (the mother of a very dear friend).

This was truly a fast knit. Two weeks on the calendar was only because I worked the charts for two other shawls (Autumn in New York - details to follow), finished a pair of socks and started another pair all while working on this in addition to other works already in progress!! What can I say? I simply need variety in my knitting ;-).

Check out how it bloomed in the wash!!

Started 10-31-2008 / Finished 11-15-2008
Project Name: Miralda
Yarn used: 3/28 100% Cashmere
Yarn source: ColourMart
Amount used: 775 yards
Total weight: 75 grams
Needles: US7 (4.5mm)
Finishing method: Hot water/shampoo wash; dryer and repeat followed by hair conditioner in final bath. Wet blocked.
Finished dimensions: 66.5" top edge x 34.5" center x 46" sides
Pattern name/source: Miralda; Nancy Bush's "Knitted Lace of Estonia"

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Koolhaas Hat

The one and only entry for this one, most likely ;-). This was a quick knit, hehehe. No in progress pictures 'cuz I never thought to take any while it was in progress!

The pattern is from the Holiday 2007 Interweave Knits but that sold out very quickly, or so I understand. However, it is now available for sale as a separate pattern here.

I think this was the first time I can recall in my whole knitting life that I actually used the exact yarn recommended! Pretty nice stuff, actually. See details below. I even mostly followed the pattern, only compensating because either my row gauge was off or there was a bit of an error. It turned out exactly how I wanted it so I didn't bother to check which or fix it.

Project Name: Koolhaas Hat, Interweave Holiday Gifts 2007
Yarn used: Shokay Yarn Shambala (100% yak; 164 yd [150 m]/100 g): Navy,
Called for 1 skein, used a bit more than half I believe
Yarn source: Yarnmarket
Needles: 4mm (US6) & 5mm (US8)
Modifications: One less pattern repeat than pattern called for

Oops? More previews....

.......Well I learned something new about posting ;-). Continuing with the previews.....and by the way, proper links with all the pattern credits, etc including links will be added with the full project posts.....

A mysterious green thing? Not really - but rather looks it, eh? This will eventually be a Large Leaf Rectangle Shawl from Victorian Lace Today.

Socks, anyone? These are finished too.

A goodly bit of progress on a pattern called "Ostara" by Goddess Knits. A very nicely flowing design.....

I call this my "Conference Call" shawl - it's really Magic Circle from A Gathering of Lace but it's something I can work on without looking at it and is great for conference calls and football games! Sometimes it moves along and sometimes not depending on what else is on the needles and my whim of the moment.

A Faux Russian Stole from Gathering of Lace.......although the yarn is laceweight, not fingering as the pattern calls for. This will be cozy.

I also have a very pretty purple "thing" on my needles as well but can't share that until it's both done and the designer approves......

This is just a sampling! There's more........but all in good time :-)

Busy Busy Busy

Wow has it ever been crazy. I thought once I got the wedding shawls squared away things would settle a bit. Perhaps I was mistaken - or the "busy" just shifted a bit? I've been getting a ton of stuff done, projects finished and new ones begun but many are pictureless. Some details must be left out for now since I'd hate to spoil any Christmas surprises. Gearing up for Christmas is very much on the agenda though and many things are either begun or even finished! I decided this year to just get done what I can get done and not stress over it. The kids are the first priority and I'm nearly done with their presents (yeah!).

A preview of coming attractions with limited details.......

This is my Handspun Forest Canopy Shawl - yep, as in I am the spinner of this particular yarn. The knitting is actually complete but I don't have picture of it yet. There may be a bit more news about this one soon......

Another Forest Canopy but not handspun. Knitting complete on this as well.....