Project suggestions

There are patterns specifically designed for ColourWaves and of course I will add those here but I'll also add other patterns as they come to my attention that could easily use a ColourWave.  Some I'll add with notes about special order suggestions - such as a circular shawl with a knit on border.  If you want the border to all be the same shade, that will require a bit of planning and a special request in the order.  When there's any doubt regarding which yarn, yardage, etc or if you have questions about suggested needle size estimates, feel free to email me.
Specifically designed by Bad Cat Designs to use a Basic ColourWave Morsel, you could also use ColourWave Morsels in Squish, Starlight and Angel's Kiss.  Other's are possible as well.  The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry using the link above.

Calls for a wide range of options in yarn and needles - any of the ColourWave lace weights would be suitable. This pattern is free on Ravelry.  One suggestion is a 4 oz skein of either Classic or Timeless and size 3US (3.25mm) needles.

This pattern calls for a 2/18 yarn (Classic and Timeless are both 2/18) but I can help with substitutions as well.  It is possible (not guaranteed) that 4oz of either Classic or Timeless would suffice.  It is even more likely that a 100 gr skein of Angel's Breath on a US2 would be enough.  The pattern is available for purchase at the link above on Ravelry or can be purchased from the designer, Susan Pandorf of Sunflower Designs.

Elizabeth by Dee O'Keefe - available for sale on Ravelry at the link above.  You could use a ColourWave for this in Squish!, Angel's Kiss or Starlight to match the yarn suggested.  You could also easily substitute Classic or Timeless instead.

 Calls for at least 355 yards of fingering weight yarn.  Because it is super easy to customize and expand the size of this one, you could easily use any ColourWave and if you need help with how many repeats, etc to do, just email me and I'll be happy to assist.  I've made this in a Luxury Fling and Mist so far and been quite happy with the results.

Rivendell Smoke Ring is another Susan Pandorf pattern that can easily use a ColourWave.  You can purchase it at the link above or directly from Sunflower Designs.  The patterns calls for fingering weight on Size 3US needles.  You could also substitute lace, in my opinion, using Classic, Timeless, Angel's Kiss, Squish! or Starlight.  Morsel size should be about perfect.

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