Just a few.........

Some of the semi solids currently available from Lara's Creations - please remember that different yarn bases sometimes "take" the color differently and might show up as a little different color.

Creamsicle on Squish!

Fairy Blue on Starlight

Grape Ice on Starlight

New Growth on Starlight

Periwinkle on Angel's Kiss

Periwinkle on Starlight

Crushed Boysenberries on Starlight
Crushed Boysenberries on Squish!

Cabernet on Squish!

Berry Smoothie on Starlight
Goldfish on  Luxurious
Berry Smoothie on Elegance
Mango on Soft 'n' Single

Rose Gold on Majestic
Race Car Red on Squish!
Frosted Grape on Starlight
Peridot on Angel's Breath
Lemon Drop on Simplicity
Deep Blue Yonder on Mist

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