Monday, July 23, 2012

So what AM I doing now?

Not only is there life after corporate America but it is GOOD!  I am loving the self-employed status even though I am working harder than ever and having to learn to juggle from a different sort of perspective.

I've started more than one business for a variety of reasons and oddly enough they are working out really well to do at the same time.  I say odd because normally it's best to give your full attention to starting one business - at least so I hear.  The first is a thrill to me because I am getting a chance to do my little part to help small to medium size businesses compete with bigger fish and I love that, I really do!  We (ConĂ¡ch Solutions, LLC) are a mobile app provider and perhaps you can tell I'm excited to be doing it?  I have a partner for this business (Jaime Gardner of High Plains Communications, LLC).  So that's one and it rocks.

Then there is the continued blossoming of Lara's Creations of Colorado.  Functional art, yes, although this one to some extent I am launching more in phases so I don't bite off more than I can chew!  Meaning it's focused on functional art but right now it's limited in scope.  Phase one is going extremely well and is all about hand dyed yarn.  Semi-solids, yes but especially my very special ColourWaves (check out my pages above for more info).  There's a glimpse of phase two in in the store in the form of some lovely wood pens/pencils.  Phase two also includes custom wood darts......

So there's a nutshell overview of what I'm up to on the business front and I'm having a really great time with all of it as well.