Please keep in mind that all ColourWaves are hand dyed yarns and variations may occur - these photos are representative.

Amazon - The Amazon river flows in ever changing shades of blue and green.  The Amazon ColourWave begins with a bold and refreshing blue and flows ever so gently through the cool waters of teal and smoothly warms to greens.

Autumn Leaves -Summer has flitted by and there’s a crisp, fresh feel to the air.  It’s time to enjoy the harvest!  School is back in session and oh the show nature has for us!  The leaves are turning, brilliant shades of yellow, rust, copper orange and even rich, deep burgundy!  Mmmmmm – don’t you want to have a nice cup of hot cider and enjoy?  I hope you’ll think of your favorite turning leaves as you enjoy the Autumn Leaves ColourWave.  Autumn Leaves progresses from rich gold through shades of rust and copper to a deep burgundy.

Blaze - Fire has an amazing variety of colors and a lovely roaring bonfire with good friends and hot beverages on a chilly fall evening can be wonderful fun.  The relaxing blaze of a winter’s glowing, cheerful fire with hot cocoa and wonderful daydreams while a blizzard howls outside is warming on the inside and out while mesmerizing the mind.  The summer campfire whether it’s at the park down the street or far from home that just begs for hot dogs and s’mores to be savored and shared.  Many colors and many associations – even the absolute fascination we feel watching the terrible roar of a wildfire raging out of control as we bless the crews fighting to contain it and pray for their safety along with all that could be in its path.  Blaze represents all of these and more with a focus on the colors that create that rich, mesmerizing glow of warmth.  From a golden glow to a bright, warm red, I hope you’ll enjoy having Blaze set your project “on fire” with glorious color!

Blooming Lilacs - Lilacs, sweet-smelling harbingers of spring gently spilling into summer come in a fantastic array of colors.  I’ve tried to capture a few of them here.  Happy and carefree fuchsia, classic lavender and lovely violet blue.   Can you feel the warm breeze and smell the lovely blooms?

Blue Bird - Lighter and more turquoise than our similar “Your Majesty,” this ColourWave brings to mind thoughts of the pretty little Blue Bird winging freely across a summer sky.  Swooping on the air in search of a meal or just the right tuft of grass for lining a nest and enjoying the freedom of life on the wing.  From pale blue to rich, brilliant blue, let the lovely shades of Blue Bird give wings to your beautiful project.

Blueberry Wine - Mmmmmmm – fresh blueberries, that’s where we begin with Blueberry Wine.  Relaxing breezes and those sweet little yummy, healthy treats……savored fresh, refreshing frozen and delightful added to a smoothie.  Sometimes they can be preserved in the form of wine to remember those summer breezes and fresh flavors on a winter’s evening – or any other.  Starting with the deep, rich blue of the classic ripe blueberry and spilling through the lovely purple and burgundy shades of tossing a few in a smoothie and ending with a deep rich wine red.   Excellent for savoring at any time of year – try some and see.

Electric Sunrise - Have you ever seen a sunrise that has stunning shades of magenta pink and bright orange with a natural blending to coral between?  It’s like the universe is saying “get up sleepy head, it’s time to ROCK this day, not sleep!”  Electrifying, energizing and full of life.  Bold, most definitely bright and not the least bit shy.  Electric Sunrise will wake up you, your project and all who come near while you work on or wear your creation.   Wear your sunglasses to work with it if you need to and enjoy every moment!

Garden Mist - In your garden soft rays of sunlight peeking through a fine mist early in the morning on a summer day.  The colors of the garden bright yet a little muted as well…..the sky brightening to a lovely blue.  Garden mist starts with a light, watery green and gently moves through teal and to the bright blue of the classic summer morning sky.  Clear air, misty moisture and bright sky for a renewed beginning – can you picture sitting down to knit on the porch with your morning beverage and Garden Mist?  What a refreshing way to begin the day!

Passion - Red - a color of strong, passionate emotions.  Happiness.  Love.  Passion.  Anger.  Obsession.   In celebration of this lovely color, we bring you Passion.  Red from light, sweet pale red that brings thoughts of first roses and a stolen kiss to the deep rich red of full blown, fire-y passion and happiness.  Make your next project with Passion and savor the heat.

Sangria - While I admit there’s little in the way of fruit with this, the wine portion of Sangria can be found in many depths of shade.  Most commonly is of course burgundy but is it a light, gentle burgundy or a deep rich burgundy?  This ColourWave ranges from a lovely antique rose to a deep, dark, rich burgundy.  Sangria may not have the same healthy properties as your daily glass of red wine but it’s certainly a calorie free and delightful treat to savor!  Try some and see.

Spring Green - is a gentle, cool, pale green through to lovely rich classic Kelly green.  Spring time surrounds us with delightful shades of green – these are like bright new leaves and new grass merging with deeper grass colors as it grows.  Peas lifting their cheerful little green stems up to uncurl in the sun.  The gardens are waking……enjoy some Spring Green of your own and watch it grow from that light new shade to a deep, bright green in a project to brighten your days.

Tropical Twist - Happy and cheerful, Tropical Twist is like the pale reflection of bright, happy flowers at dawn or dusk in the tropics.   A cool smoothie on a hot summer’s day.  Starting with pale-but-bold pink and gently darkening into a coral that turns into a light, happy orange.  A creamy, dreamy and lusciously fat-free, no calorie treat.  May I have a Tropical Twist, please?

Water Pixie - Bright and bold, yet light and sweet……imagine water pixies, flitting around the edge of a tropical lagoon.  Rarely seen and then usually only as a bright blue, lavender or pink flash disappearing behind a blue waterfall.  The Water Pixie ColourWave is playful and fun from it's light, cool blue, deepening in color and shading to medium/light  purple and culminating with a happy pink.  May it bring you much delight!

Your Highness - I call this "Your Highness."
What else can you call a lovely transition of royal purple from the palest hints of shade to deep, bold and fabulous?  Although I admit some have simply called it "MINE!" and perhaps you will too.....  

Your Majesty - Fit for royalty, Your Majesty practically glows.  Royal blue ranging from light to deep, rich and elegant.  May we have a curtsy please?

More pictures coming soon to this page......

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