Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yup - more of the Summer Sampler!

Some better shots this round I think :-). I have actually managed a few other things this week. I've even done some other knitting but have no pictures of that just yet. I still have plenty of other things I plan to start but as it happens I'm getting some hints & whiffs of "finish-itis" as well to balance some of that startitis I had last month. I'm not rushing anything in particular but there are a few things.......

In the mean time, here are some much improved pictures. I hope you'll enjoy them. You'll note the re-dos for Patterns 8&9 but Pattern 10 is an update. Pattern 11 can even be previewed here but wasn't quite done at picture time. Clearly it will be soon ;-).

Pattern 8 reshot:

Pattern 9 reshot:

Pattern 10:

Pattern 10 detail:

Colors and more colors.......wonder which one is next?

Stay tuned for more updates - finished objects no less!

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Jaime said...

You've been busy!