Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A visit to the fair

Shown above in the well-protected display cabinet, three of those shawls have been seen here before. This time, they went visiting at the county fair and were quite well regarded. There was only one category for all knitted shawls, scarves, etc for adults so they were competing against each other as well as a handful of others.

The experience was fun; the people were wonderful and we made some new friends in both the fiber and 4H worlds. I managed the opportunity to watch the judging for these as well and that was interesting and educational. As for how we did......

Coming in with an "Honorable Mention" we have the Summer Sampler

The judging results......
In second place (for this show) we have the lovely Titania

Her judging results:

And last, but far from least, in first place and Reserve Champion, we have the Veil of Isis

The results:

A HUGE THANK YOU to designer of all of these beautiful designs, Bad Cat Designs and to the Bad Cat Designs Yahoo group who have supported me, cheered me on, and added so much bonus fun to the knitting of these shawls. You guys are awesome :-).

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