Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where'd she go?

Well between work - being on call sure does eat up time! - and marathon knitting in between the usual life stuff......I kind of disappeared for a bit. Pretty much had to go quiet on everything else from online groups to taking non-emergency calls, even from family. This was for the quick project for a friend at work (her daughter's wedding....nothing to wear....) that I referenced in my last post about samples (swatches). She decided on the fishnet pattern and merino in forget-me-not blue. Pretty. Basic. And took all my spare time for the last couple weeks :-). "Spare" is relative.... I'm not a particularly slow knitter - perhaps even fairly quick but my spare time might be a little different from yours ;-).

The "pattern", such as it is, is below the picture......

Instructions & the "particulars" of the project:
Materials I used:
~36 grams (576 yds) of 3/44 Superfine Merino laceweight from Colourmart
3.25mm needles - straight or circular. I used 24" circular because it was convenient
Dressing (Blocking) supplies
Dressed Gauge ~ 22 stitches to 4"
Dressed size for mine: 17" x 60"

Knit on 89 stitches (multiple of 2+1; also added 4 per side for garter = 80+1+4+4=89). Mark 4 on each side with the first row - they will stay garter stitch.
Garter stitch 6 rows.
Begin pattern -
Rows 1 and 3 (WS): K4, P to the last 4 sts, K4
R0w 2: K5, *K2tog, yo; rep from * to last four stitches, k4
Row 4: K4, *K2tog, yo; rep from * to last five stitches, k5

I did 106 repeats of the 4 row pattern. I also chose to slip the first stitch of every row purlwise with yarn in front.

Knit another 6 rows garter stitch.
BO: with WS facing, slip 1, *k1, knit these two stitches together. Repeat until only 1 left and do your usual yarn break & weave in


Laura Sue said...

Lara, I'm the Laura you responded to on the slow bee shawl list about the colourmart silk! Thanks so much! I knew that the silk would not bloom like the cashmere, and I also knew that the silk would behave differently, but didn't know how. I really appreciate your help with that. You are right about the needles. I'll have to swatch with several sizes and then wash and see what (if anything) happens.

larascreations said...

Hi, Laura. Happy to hear that was helpful for you :-). Keep me posted on how it goes and if there's more I can do, just let me know. Your shawl will be beautiful!

WickedStitch said...

I too have been known to 'fall off the face of the Earth', so I understand all too well. Sometimes, ya just have to! Your fishnet shawl is lovely.