Sunday, June 8, 2008

New beginnings.....

Well now that the immediate round of marathon knitting is finished I'm reorganizing a bit. The list of things on the needles is warring with the list of things I'm wanting quite badly to make so I'm trying to reset things a bit for priorities and also efficiency. It's much easier for me to work on some things "anywhere" and other things only where I can focus a bit hmore. One of my excuses....ah, I mean reasons.....for having multiple projects going at once. Quite valid really but even so, it helps to reset a tad here and there.

So what's still on the needles? Peacock is still moving along a bit. Unfortunately she is one of those that takes paying a bit more attention to counting on right side rows and thus does not get as much attention as others! Still, she will be quite gorgeous when finished. Peacock is another that the number of stitches grows as the project does. I've done 3/5 of the NUMBER of rows but......not 3/5 of the total actual stitches. The yarn is still super yummy. Wonderful to work with and will be just gorgeous. Note that she needed a bath and I finally was able to capture some of the shimmer effect of the yarn. I still love it. We shall see if Sally does.

Isis #1 is about 50%+ complete. I have decided 5 repeats for that one will be enough. It's a fun knit still and one that's good for taking most places. It could go even more places if it weren't white - such a dirt magnet! To give you some idea......right now it's more than 600 stitches per row. By the end of repeat five, it will be close to 750.....with the border ending a bit short of 900!

I'm still working a bit on the second one but am a little more focused on the first iteration at the moment. They'll both get done. But only #1 has to be finished before case Sally likes that better than Peacock!

My Faroese Shawl and Branching Out scarf are both also still works in progress and are moving along a bit. I'm toying with setting aside other works temporarily to wrap both of these up since they really are getting close to done. We'll see.

I have been swatching like mad for the other projects I want to begin. Some have been on my mind for a long time......some are much newer. Even so, I'm keeping options open for a few add-in's ;-). Some of these knit alongs are nice and easy that way - you can only finish your clue and if you're like me, that means more than one thing at a time, for sure! It's also part of the organizing. One project I will probably cast on for in the next couple of days is a pair of socks. There's a birthday coming up (July)......... As for others.....well, I might fit in another couple of quickie projects like this:

Isn't she cute? This is the Little Flower Doily from Bad Cat Designs. Doesn't Andrea come up with the best designs? Project specs:

Project Name: Little Flower Doily
Yarn used: 2/28 Silk - Sky Blue
Yarn source: Colourmart
Needles: 2.25mm (US 1)


pcso lotto said...

To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?You were a great blogger.

larascreations said...

Thank you, I'm glad you are enjoying it.