Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wow, look at that Peacock!

This one turned out as well as I hoped and then some......

First, let's look at some contrast. Lace is good for the "ugly duckling to swan" effect anyway but this yarn takes that to a whole new level. Here are a couple of shots showing the contrast between having the oil washed out and straight from the cone.....

Contrast (Washed to the right, same needles for all!):

Look at all those stitches!! Ok so Isis had more - a lot more ;-). But not quite so squished on the needles.

Complete - but wait - this is washed.......and NOT dressed! Looks pretty decent....

Washed, not yet blocked - detail view:

And here she is - a few different shots......

Project Name: White Peacock Feathers
Yarn used: 2/28 white 50/50 cashmere/viscose
Amount used: Just under 1000 yards / 63gr
Total weight ~ 63 gr (2.25oz)
Yarn source: ColourMart
Needles: 3 mm
Finishing method: Hand washed (dish soap, shampoo, conditioner with rinses of course) and run through the dryer on low before wet blocking.
Finished dimensions: 44" center x 69" top x 55" sides
Pattern name/source: Peacock Feathers Shawl


BadCatDesigns said...

Just lovely. That yarn is such a pleasant suprise! But of course, I believe I have some too...I will move it up to the front of the line:)

Netty said...

It looks so beautiful!
Congratulations on this wonderful scarf!