Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Midsummer Night's Dream - Titania

Here's a bit of loveliness thanks once again to the wonderful design talents of Bad Cat Designs....

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test knit it. She was quite patient about it, too! I had a few life bumps that stalled delivery on this one but isn't she worth it? The design is a delight to knit up. What else can you expect? That Ms. Bad Cat does the most marvelously fun patterns! The recipient of this one was very slightly less patient (but saw it often) and is exceedingly delighted that she finally has it! It's been done for a wee bit of time but sharing on my part needed to wait until you, too, could have the fun of knitting this up!

The yarn is wonderful, amazing stuff - like knitting with clouds. Unfortunately, this particular yarn is no longer available, however, Colourmart no doubt has some other bit of knitting delight you could use instead!

Mid-Summer Night's Dream - Titania
Bad Cat Designs
Colourmart 3/45 lace weight 65% Cashmere/ 35% Silk ~50gr (~850 yds)
~28 gr #8 clear, silver-lined beads
~1-2 gr #6 Turquoise blue frosted


Knitman said...

how gorgeous is that?

fleegle said...

I already admired this beauty on Bad Cat's blog...but you did a fantastic job of knitting the sample!

And yes, I ordered my Golding. It isn't here yet (snif), so I can't compare :)

Mary said...

Beautiful, now to find some time so I can knit one too!