Thursday, July 16, 2009

Opinions - Mine and Yours (please)

Soooooo there are these new square needles that are supposed to be better for your hands & wrists to knit with. Cool. My wrist(s) were bugging me from an improper workstation setup which had it's effect even if I have fixed it now. So I thought I should try at least one pair of these. I'd heard from some of you about the circs and the bad joins so I stayed away from those but it just so happened that my LYS (Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins) had one (and ONLY one) set in Palm. Sold.

I decided to cast on something new in part because of the size of the needles and there was that nagging pain thing. (Still is, in fact, but it is improving) I still want to try these in a smaller, metal version but so far I've actually been enjoying these and able to use them for short periods even when others have not been an option. I'm cautiously in favor but want to sharpen the points and see how it goes for a bit longer.

What did I cast on? A project that's been on my mind to do in large part because I have wanted to see if the yarn will work for it. I probably won't be in any hurry to finish this but right off I have to decide if it DOES work. Your opinions? Is the yarn too varigated? Can you see the pattern?

The shawl is Nancy Bush's Lily of the Valley pattern. I'm using the Palm (wood) size 6 (4mm) 11" Kollage straight needles. Since it's the size called for, that automatically means my gauge (as a relaxed knitter) is larger (fine by me, I wanted that) and I am modifying the pattern for the edging at a minimum although precisely how is not entirely decided.....and not really relevant if the yarn won't work, right?

So......a couple of less than stellar and unblocked photos. Because if you love it, even in these shots, it's a pretty sure winner, right? Errrm .....well......something like that :-)

What do you think?


Mary said...

I like it a lot!! How are you liking the needles, I tried the double points in a much smaller size and thought that they were fabulous.

ChelleC said...

Pretty - I like it. And I've enjoyed using the Kollage square needles myself recently. I now have 5 pair.

Amanda said...

Love it! Do the square needles feel very different from round ones?

fleegle said...

I think it's beautiful! And the color is just perfect.

My Goldings aren't on the way either. Sniffle.

fleegle said...

Well heck. Given those criteria, I'd rather the store didn't send me the yarn at all. Just deposit $1 million into my Swiss Account and I will write a fantastic review for you! Just kidding!

BadCatDesigns said...

I love the way it is looking, by the way. About those squares...I have a set of small sock needles on the way to me and I suspect I will be very happy with them. I also might have more to add on the square circular front soon:)

fleegle said...

Got my Goldings. Hate them. Bottom heavy, weighty, and wobbly. And I told him black wood only, so I got cherry and walnut. Go figure. I can sell them or use them for plying I guess. Back to Bosworth.