Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a GREAT time!

Today I have no knitting updates because I actually had a change in plans. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to today's Broncos game. If you get the chance - well assuming you don't hate football - you should really go. The experience in person is just SO different. Great fun and I felt it was worth the price. If I could get season tickets I would (the wait list is 13-15 years!).

Thanks VERY much to my friend for sharing the chance and to the great folks that were fun company in the shared seats! It was a privilege and a pleasure.

The seats, btw, are awesome. North End Zone, just high enough to see everything and not so high you have to strain for anything at all. If you are really curious, they were Section 115 and if you look closely at the maps, just at the point where there IS a 116 right next to it. In other words, about mid-way up and on the aisle. Fantastic view. The stadium seating can be found at

I took the bus and avoided the hassles of driving, parking and all that plus had a great seat-mate to chat with on the way. I kept her entertained with my spinning on the trip (no, I didn't spin or knit at the game, sorry). She had tips for me as an experienced ticket holder and they were handy. Like since the bus drops off/loads on the opposite side of the Stadium from where I was sitting, I should just look for a short line any gate along the way. Women have separate lines since they frisk everyone for security checks. Well, I took her advice and lemme tell you, as inconceivable as you would think it should have been, the first gate I started past I practically had one of the folks working the gate escort me right into the checkpoint - zero waiting, thanks. This was during prime entry time in a veritable sea of people (literally).

In short, it was one of those days that went supremely well with things just falling right into place and I had a wonderful time. I did forget one little thing though and tomorrow will tell the story on if I'll really pay for, did I mention it was very sunny the first half? Yup. No sunscreen and no hat. Oops.

Oh yeah.......maybe I should mention, we won :-).

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