Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wow! Look what I found.....

I have been quiet on the blog but very very very busy! There will be lots more to share.....to begin:

I have been cleaning up a storm and going through many a box, stash, pile or closet. This is a marvelously good thing although perhaps a bit dusty. The end goal is coming to light with much reorganizing taking place and this will help projects of every kind to flow much more smoothly. I even completely relocated my large storage unit (naturally with LOTS of help from Puppy!) and consolidated the last smaller stray storage unit that I had been ignoring for a loooooong time. It's surely inevitable that I found some old friends. Most I had remembered to one degree or another but there is something different about pulling these things out and sorting through. It's a bit more than just "oh yes, I should get that out again sometime and finish it" for me at least. For those of you that have UFOs you don't need reasons why - you already know and understand the list of possible reasons is long :-). For those of you who don't? Well I'm not sure you would/could understand if you don't have any lurking! You are of a different breed (style) than I and I commend you for your self-discipline! Perhaps some day you too will be tempted on over here to the dark side and enjoy multiple projects, some to be rediscovered at a fun time in the future, lol.

So here we go a few of the - oh let's call them "rediscovered" projects, shall we?

Oh look! A baby blanket - always nice to have a spare baby gift on hand. This one is thick & squishy with doubled yarn.

A pi shawl in a pretty lilac cotton that will be a very nice summer wrap....someday

Isn't this a pretty lil' sweater from Fitted Knits? Modified to work with the yarn. TOASTY warm.

Super-Spiral in colorful mohair:

Hmmmm....perhaps I'll do some finishing of these soon?

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