Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching up or not?

So I was catching up a teensy bit on my blog reading yesterday, in particular on the Yarn Harlot's doings and found a distraction in the form of her recent "Pretty Thing" pattern. Thinking it would make a fun, soft, quick project I succumbed to temptation. Does it even count? It's just a lil' bit of a thing, right?

Yes, I could've created my own pattern. Heck I have very nice cowl patterns already waiting to be knit. Don't ask me why. Why was not a factor - and besides, it's done :-)

You see, it really was a quick knit. Used some (15 grams/155 yards) of my yummy 3/28 cashmere from Colourmart. The color is Delph Blue and the in-progress pic at the top is more accurate.


Mary said...

Looks like just the thing to keep your neck warm in all that snow!!!

fleegle said...

And that's pretty too! I love the color, and the design looks interesting to knit.