Monday, March 24, 2008

Maybe I'll get this thing going at last?

Ok, so here we go......months and months ago I finally setup a blog account. Great, good, necessary to get things going here, right? Sure......but then you actually are supposed to DO something with the blog. Oh. Right.....ah, let's put that on hold, eh? Christmas projects are a priority, dogs keep needing special vet trips and work is busier than ever. I'll get to it "later." Well, it seems later has finally arrived!

I wanted to be able to have an easy way to keep in touch with my growing number of friends, family and even strangers who are curious about what sort of projects I have going on and how they are progressing. Sidebars optional, after all, it's my blog, right? Of course you should know that there are generally going to be multiple projects going on at once. And in multiple fields. What can I say? I have varied interests although a definite affinity for most things fiber!

It will take me a little more organizing - mostly taking pictures - to really get this thing rolling on what I'm actually doing and how it's coming along. But we'll start off with a picture of the latest addition to my family.....Sakari along with "big brother" Lump. Lump is my daughter's black & white Siberian Husky. He's a sweet boy.

This picture was taken 10 days ago but Sakari is now just over 15 weeks old. I need a newer picture considering how fast she grows! As of Saturday, she weighed just under 40 lbs. She's a Giant Alaskan Malamute and I've waited for her a long time :-). She takes up lots of my time these days but she's worth it.

Coming up next? Projects......probably knitting projects since I have several of those in progress but it could be the weaving ones......or household? Time will tell......but for now my lunch break's over and I need to get back to work.


ihavawundrfulcurse said...

groovy! that's not a very good picture of Lump though

zippiknits said...

Say, I must look up Giants. She seems as big as Lump already. A big girl!

Lella from the KR