Monday, November 24, 2008

Autumn In New York - Take One

Well Ms. Bad Cat (Bad Cat Designs) has done it again! She's shared another lovely pattern with us - a quick knit this go 'round. I actually was keeping up plus knitting Miralda, finishing socks (Twin Rib), starting more socks (Gentlemen's) and unventing/starting leg warmers while clues were coming.......and I was/am making TWO of these at once! However, work, life and some actual household chores caught up with me a bit the last couple weeks. Which is not to say I'm late. The finishing instructions only came out yesterday! I have finished the first one and will finish the second shortly.

For today.....a pre-blocking photo (below) and one while blocking (above) - I'll add a modeled view later. Check out the colors, eh? Pretty cool and these are nothing like seeing it live! I went with needles on the larger end of the scale for this and it's big and cozy.

Project Name: Adiago Autumn in New York
Yarn used: Adiago #3622
Amount used: 3.51 balls (~765 yards)
Yarn source: Yarn Place
Total weight: 176 grams
Needles: US 7 (4.5mm)
Finishing method: Hot water/shampoo soak, rinsed x2 and final rinse with hair conditioner and a few drops eucalyptus oil
Finished dimensions: 77" top x 57" sides x 45" center
Pattern name/source: Autumn in New York by Bad Cat Designs

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Sanguiknity said...

wow! so many shawls... and pretty :) i bought some beautiful lace yarn recently, but have yet to even try lace knitting... nice pictures!