Monday, March 30, 2009


March 7th, I cast on some more. March 14th, yet another.....could it be? March 21st.....ANOTHER one?

Ok, so this month I have major knitting ADD? Startitis? Whatever, I'm having a very good time so pick on me all you like, I'm just going to enjoy all my very happy projects.....

The weekend of the 21st I finally settled on a yarn choice in a much different colorway for Bad Cat Designs Tallin Sunset. This baby has been callin' my name since she published the post on January 18th. It took some time to get the pattern but Joan of The Local Needle was most helpful in ordering some copies and emailing as soon as they arrived. (Thanks, Joan!!) Not that I had a shortage of things to work on first! I've finished a few things since then ;-). But I had decision issues with color. Some other issues with yarn size substitutions (although less for that). The recommended yarn wasn't readily available in this new colorway for one thing and my stash is hardly um....lacking. Abundant would be a more appropriate term, in fact. I also didn't want to make an exact copy. So I finally went a much different direction. I'm calling this my "Misty Moonlit Midnight" based on the lovely colors of "Stonybrook" lace yarn available from the much appreciated Deb of Fearless Fibers.

Color shot:

Detail view:

I'm actually a good bit further along on this now. Hey, that Bad Cat writes addictive patterns! The yarn is a pleasure to work with. I'm having loads of fun!

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