Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Startitis Part One

Well I finished up all sorts of Christmas knitting and only some of it was late. I've been busy at work and with plenty of other things. I finished some non-Christmas knitting. I even finished some non-knitting, hehehe. Since I also have had quite a few projects calling me.....well.....finish some, start some, right? I shall have more to post soon about those "finished" objects but in the mean time this month I've had a major case of "startitis." So on the weekend of the 7th, having just finished another large project and a few other goals at home.....

I started not one, not two but THREE new projects:

American Beauty - another lovely design from Bad Cat Designs that she is doing in incremental posts on her blog. This was a Valentine's start and I'm a bit behind but that's ok. I seem to be having the darndest time getting a decent picture of it! My preferred needle length isn't long enough to get a good "spread" and the yarn blooms a bit in the washing process so at the moment it looks a bit scraggly. Fabulous yarn, though. For the moment here is a shot that sort of shows a bit. I'm well past this point now but this is only a hint of coming attractions anyway.

I've dubbed the next the Irish Sea of Tranquility. So named for the soothing nature of the oh-so repetitive center combined with the Irish Lass colorway of Yarn Place's "Graceful" with the long color repeats. I've been wanting ever so much to see this colorway knit up and for some reason not one entry for this yarn seems to be in this colorway with any pictures/progress. Go figure. So I'm finally getting to see some of these colors although I am quite sure there are more to come yet.

and a color update from 3-22:

....and then there was another Summer Sampler in the Summer Dusk colorway of "Graceful" even though it's true, I have not yet figured out the repairs needed for Steph's Summer Sampler. All in good time; she's not feeling neglected (to say the least!!).

Pattern One:

Pattern Two:

Pattern three:
Color shot:

Believe it or not, I actually have even done a little bit on other projects I already had going as well! For those of you who noted "Part One" in the subject title well.......yes, there just might be a sequel here ;-).

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BadCatDesigns said...

Yow! Are all your needles full, or do you have any left for new things?? I am so glad to see you working on Tallin. I also can't wait to see the sampler in that color-changing yarn. It looks so cool.