Monday, November 9, 2009


.....another Pretty Thing. My first one found a new home immediately with my grandmother! This one is another ColourMart yarn (they rock, what can I say?).....sorry about the fuzzy photo!

Modified the pattern for the DK (5 repeats), still on 3.5mm needles
Used ~114 yards/36 grams Colourmart 100% Extra-Fine Merino 15/44 DK (Midnight)

I've finally caved and ordered a little really lovely yarn from Land O Lace to add to the stash........I need socks. That's my story......and we'll ignore that really pretty skein of lace-weight for the moment (except that paired with might weave up into a STUNNING shawl....hmmmmm).......

Just another little preview of what's up here:

Some gorgeous 50/50 merino/silk I'm spinning thanks to a project with Ms. Bad Cat.......


Mary said...

Ooooh, Pretty Thing, Pretty Yarn and pretty spinning!!!

Love the Land O Lace choices, they are nearly as addicting as ColourMart. :)

BadCatDesigns said...

Nice spinning:)