Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coming soon to needles near you?

Ok well first.......Don't you just wish? This is Lump, all flaked out in true worn-out Husky fashion. Don't be fooled, he's a live wire :-).

Just a little preview or two of things in the works.....

We have these lovely swatches as a wee contribution (along with the "calculations") to the amazing Queen Susan shawl project - a recreation of a gorgeous shawl from the Shetland Museum and it will be astounding!

Then there's the teensiest glimpse of the two Dark Star stoles I have in the works as another bit of the Summer Squares projects from the creative mind of Bad Cat Designs :-). As always, her designs are a treat to knit and can't be recommended highly enough! Look for the pattern coming soon for folks who missed the group!

And last (for tonight), I leave you with a preview of the pattern that I've been working on, mainly from the Haapsalu Sall library of Estonian designs and knitting information. I wish I could read the words, not just the charts but all the same it's a gorgeous book!

For the moment at least, I am calling it Red Cedar and you have GOT to check out the yarn! Gossamer Webs Vorpal Bunny Ranch is so soft and so yummy to knit up! We'll see if the name sticks but for Copper - isn't it just a gorgeous color?

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Susan said...

Love the picture of your puppy sleeping on the couch!