Monday, April 28, 2008

Bits & pieces.....odds and ends?

In spite of casting on for not one, but TWO new shawls and making substantial progress on at least one of those.....I've actually done a good bit more in the last week. Just a few of those things......

I managed to do some more housecleaning and clearing out to storage this past weekend. Plus more moved out of the old storage and into the new. The storage consolidation project progresses.....and the weather might finally be starting to cooperate again to move things along more briskly. Not to mention that as things progress my motivation to have it done increases. That and I'm super antsy to get my loom moved into the back room so I can finally do some weaving again. I have a couple of weaving projects that are just begging to be made ;-).

I added a few more rows - several actually - to Peacock. She's getting to be quite respectably sized! This picture is actually from today! - I'm about done with the second type of feathers and moving on towards the third. I did put her on a 47" needle yesterday morning. Good for the pic but I'm switching back to 24" circs - that extra cable is just annoying however much it might make it easier to see a bigger view for pictures!

My Branching Out scarf gained some new repeats - enough to add another 5% to the completion status. Ok, I guess I should say I added them since they did not mysteriously appear. No pixie dust for the knitting.

Faroese grew a little......about what I'd call 1 %. This one and Branching Out are a bit of a shock - size 10 and 8 needles respectively. I say shock because it's a bit of a jump between 2.5 or 3mm on up to 5mm+!

.....and of course Isis #1 grew quite a lot and #2 grew a little, hehehe.

Then there's that Mystery Lace KAL. Hmmmmm, what do I say about that one? The sheer volume of mail & time for that is just silly considering the topics. Things turned into quite a mess. Honestly, I think it started with over sensitivity, stress, etc and reacting badly to things that likely were not meant as they were taken. Miscommunication at it's best - er, worst? The designer was also trying to do too much - answering every question over and over again instead of referring people to prior posts or letting experienced folks help. Just a big mess and many folks, especially the designer got pretty worked up about some things. So.......she's closing the group and opening a new one for those who want to pay $10 to participate. Well.......she seems like a nice lady who is going through some bad times. But ..... I think I will pass for a huge mixture of reasons. of today I have even finally done some more updates on project entries (see below)......

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