Sunday, April 13, 2008

How time flies!

Well if I could just sort out my new, strange problems with loading my pictures from the camera to the computer, I could actually post details about all these projects!

Mostly I just haven't had any time to mess with it; it's been extremely busy on all fronts. Work got more than a little crazy and home is always pretty busy. Well, ok, I could have worked on it but......there are all these projects I keep working on ;-). Ah well, at least I'm not bored!

I have been keeping the status bars fairly current - it's rather nice to see them moving along. I am probably going to start another pair of socks and/or restart a shawl I keep trying to make for my daughter. It doesn't have a name, I'm trying to semi-duplicate a shawl I made a few years ago where I just kind of "threw" together a pattern as I went. It worked out great notes. I've learned better since then but in the mean time this will be the third or fourth time starting over on this thing! I remember how much yarn I used.......but I keep missing on the needle size. Either that or my knitting gauge has changed significantly since then! Which is actually possible. If I could just get it properly on track it will go quickly though - and be one of those "any time, anywhere" projects. Which is often what my socks are ;-). Most of the other projects I'm working on are a bit more difficult to work on while visiting or with lots of picking up/putting down on the fly. The Faroese shawl is the closest and it's gotten a bit large for carting around too much. And it's moving along with another 10% or so added to it this weekend. I'm hoping to finish at least one project before this new Mystery Lace knit along (KAL) starts next Friday......

If I do, great. I'm not going to stress over it though ;-). I also need to take time out somewhere and see about swatching for this KAL. I haven't picked my yarn officially yet! I've thought about some options though. Often for lace I won't swatch but it does depend on a number of things......and for this one I think I will. Because I would like to make it just a little larger......and the swatch info is available now to help folks get ready.

The designer did say she thought it could be used very nicely as a wedding shawl......and with my sister getting married in October.......well options are nice ;-). She's still deciding what she wants and that's ok. But I can make this in white and dye it later if I want to.......unless she decides it's perfect for her wedding. Either way, I'm making it.

Sakari is now 18 weeks old and weighs over 47 lbs! She's really sweet but has been going through a bit of a phase where she is also a bit contrary! "Loose leash? huh, you want me to what? I don't know what you mean......" But, in spite of that, she's actually just about got "right paw, left paw" down as two separate commands. Which is in addition to her sit, down (lay down), come, etc. Plus she does high five VERY well and we're still working on improving "crawl" and roll over. She WAS doing roll-over really well but suddenly decided that's in the "huh, what" category. This too, shall pass with patience ;-).

More to come......

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