Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ha - finish what you say?

Well......tomorrow is the release of the first clue in the MysteryLace KAL. In my last post I had mentioned I hoped to finish one or more projects...... go ahead and laugh all over again ;-). Good thing I decided I wasn't going to stress over it since, yep, you're right, no way have I completed another project since then. Heck, I've barely had time to add a row here or there of any sort since last weekend. Maybe one or two on the "real" projects...maybe. I did manage a couple of swatches for this KAL though so that's something, right?

I've decided to go with doubling up on some white 2/33 59% cashmere/41% cotton from Colourmart. It may take a little getting used to for knitting up and be a little on the "thicker" side ('s all perspective, even at the equivalent of 450 yds per 50gm ball, lol) but I think it will be soft, warm and very nice. It also will be something that will, as planned, work for one of the options for the upcoming wedding for my sister in October. I say getting used to because when knitting it together, not only am I knitting from two different cones (yes, I could wind it off but....I have reasons to prefer not to ;-)), but the knitting actually looks......oh how shall I describe it? Stringy? Not terribly cohesive? But.....that's one of the most fun things about lace and even just using this yarn. This swatch looked pretty dicey......when first knit. But then I washed it. I threw it in the dryer (yes really!).....and then I did it again. And only THEN did I actually soak it once more and block it out. And oh the difference it makes! The lumpy, bumpy, stringy mess became well defined patterns. The "stringy" separate strands.....well if you KNOW and you really search for the signs, you can tell I used two strands. Might not even be able to do that if I washed it another time or two. It bloomed and came together quite well. My only hesitation was that it's not quite as open & lacy as I was originally picturing. But I think that for this project, based on what little I actually know about it......this will work better than something too open........and I can always change my mind if it's not coming together!

So stayed tuned.......tomorrow we add another project to the list.......will I manage to keep up with the group? Will it be as fun as I'm anticipating? I'm sure this and more will be answered in the coming weeks ;-).

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